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how much did you pay for..

Your hair and makeup to be done?! can someone please give me an idea about how much you paid  and where you had it done? I live in the Surprise area, so I can't go too far seeing as how our church is kind of far away. And I was looking to do something a little dramatic with my eyes, maybe a little bit of a smoky eye... It is hard because I am pretty plain, kind of a tomboy so do you think itll freak people out? I mean I hardly wear any make up, maybe just curl my eyelashes and mascara. But our theme is the Nightmare before Christmas and it is going to be on the 30th of October... Let me know what you think!

Re: how much did you pay for..

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    I am doing my own makeup, and my fh's aunt is a pro hair dresser and doing my hair.  My advice to you is post on your local board and see what people in your area say.  This is an international board and who knows where you will get answers from and how much they may vary from your home town.  Good Luck!
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    It really depends on your area, as per PP suggested.
    My hair will cost me around $60 and my friend (a cosmetologist) is doing my make-up for free, I'll give her a present to thank her.
    My wedding's in the maritimes, in Canada.
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    I am doing my own makeup becuase I (personally) think I do a good job, but I am buying very nice makeup so that will cost a bit.  Hair is $125.
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    It definitely depends on your area. I haven't decided if I am going to do my own makeup or have it done. But if I have it done I will just go to Macy's, there they just ask that you buy 2 products, so you're really not paying to have the makeup portion done. As for my hair, it will be $50.
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    Hair: $60. My sister (MOH) is doing my makeup to save money. We are both really good at make-up anyway.
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    I am getting married in Scottsdale, so same general area as you.  My hair is $120 and my make-up is $60, they are coming to my hotel room. Now, a lot of places on the west side of Phoenix will probably charge less than Scottsdale based companies, so I am sure you can find people for less than this.  Ask on our local board, I bet you can get a lot of good recs!
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    I am pay $150 for my hair and make up....the artist is traveling to me.  It doesn't include the trial price...
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    Boston: hair and makeup $250
    There's definitely cheaper out there, but I get two trials with that and he will go to my hotel to get ready, then accompany the bridal party to the venue to do any touch ups during cocktail hour when we are having our photos taken.  
    Whatever you do, have trial runs even though it may be more money.  You don't want a bad surprise on your wedding day.
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    Thanks girls!!

    I went for my consultation, I was quoted $130 for hair and makeup included! I thought it was an amazing price :) And she will charge $60 for the trail, hair and makeup!! I have confidence in her... Thanks again girl
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