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should my dad go dress shopping??

i know that my dad is paying for my wedding dress but should i let him go with my mom and mother in law to be to try them on?? or should i just let him go and them when i when i pick "the dress" dont let him know which one it is until the wedding day??

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Re: should my dad go dress shopping??

  • Why don't you ask him if he'd be interested?  If he's paying he may be interested in what you look at, or he could be like my dad and say he doesn't know anything about dresses and know he'd like whatever I!
    I didn't ask my dad to go on the day I tried on a bunch of dresses and didn't know what I was looking for, but I found "the one" that day, and went back a couple weeks later to try it on and put it on order.  I asked my dad came with me that day, and he did!  I think he was too curious not to. 
  • Personally, I think that my dad would probably go just for the "quality time" excuse, while my stepdad would find a visit to the proctologist more enjoyable.

    Just ask him what he wants to do.  If he wants to tag along, I don't see the harm.  I don't think there's ever been any superstition about the father of the bride not seeing the dress in advance, and these days even a lot of grooms see the dress before the wedding.
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  • Agree with PP ... ask him if he's interested.  Have fun!
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    I went with my dad and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  But then again, he's always gone dress shopping with me for my formal events
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  • I would just ask him.  As a PP said theres no superstition about the FOB seeing the dress before the wedding.  I know if I asked my dad if he wanted to come though he would make the cockiest face at me and probably just throw his credit card at me.  I'm actually laughing out loud to myself at the thought of my dad in a bridal shop, as I'm pretty sure he'd actually prefer to shoot himself in the foot.  But thats my dad, and I'm sure there are many dads who would enjoy going.  I would just ask him and see what he says.  I've always thought of it as a ladies thing, and I had my mom, grandma, and MOH who was my aunt. 
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    It wouldn't hurt to ask if he's interested. :) My dad would go if I asked him, but he's so emotional I'm afraid he'd be a blubbering fool the whole time!!
  • I can't see any reason why he shouldn't if you are comfortable with it.

  • Just ask him. Although my parents didn't pay for my dress, my Dad had no interest in going with us. He used it as an reason to stay home and watch movies. I think he wanted to be as surprised as my husband on my wedding day, and he was.
  • thanks everyone!! i think i will have him go with us!!
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  • I say drag him along.  He may grumble a bit but in the end, I think he will secretly cherish the memory as a "Daddy's Little Girl" moment. 
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  • You might just want to call ahead to the stores you're planning on visting, to make sure that they allow men into the store. It sounds weird, but 2 of the 3 stores I visited had signs that politely requested that men not enter the store (something about the comfort of the brides inside.) I'm pretty sure that chain stores like David's are fine with it, though. I went there once for a bridesmaid dress and I saw a few guys wandering around.
  • he didnt go w me this time but he is going to go. he did miss the moment of me crying when i found the one!! i didnt think that i would cry but i felt like a princess. it felt real!! wow!! what an undescrible feeling!!
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