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When to change into reception dress?

I am considering changing into a short and more comfy reception dress, but not exactly sure when do it.

A lot of things I have read said to do it after the "first dances" and cake cutting.  I am good with that, BUT then I'm left trying to figure out how the garter toss will be done.  I mean, it would just be weird if the garter toss (and retrieval) was done when I am wearing a short dress.

I could always do the garter toss and bouquet toss atfter the cake cutting and before changing, but I know that it's generally done a little bit later in the reception.

Anyone else encounter this issue??

Any advice/thoughts are appreciated.  Smile  (Minus those who say not to do it, lol.)

Re: When to change into reception dress?

  • No.  When I spend lots of money on a wedding gown, it will be worn the whole night.
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    [QUOTE]No.  When I spend lots of money on a wedding gown, it will be worn the whole night.
    Posted by CA2MT4EveR[/QUOTE]

    THIS! I wore my gown the entire night. I personally thought it was silly to buy another dress to wear to dance in. Some of our greatest pics are us dancing, etc.

    I didn't change out of my dress until it was time for H and I to go to the hotel and then I just put sundress on and my Mom took my wedding dress to take to the cleaners.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: When to change into reception dress?</a>:
    [QUOTE]No.  When I spend lots of money on a wedding gown, it will be worn the whole night.
    Posted by CA2MT4EveR[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this.. I can't imagine buying the most expensive dress I'll probably ever wear and then only wear it for an hour or two and change into something else. Just buy a dress you'll be comfortable dancing in. You only get to wear it once, why change out of it less than halfway through the wedding?
  • While I appreciate your views, I don't feel the same.

    My dress was not expensive and I want to wear an additional dress.  I understand some feel differently and that is fine.  We all celebrate our day the way we want our day.

    That being said, still looking for insight from anyone who has dealt with this issue, or has any HELPFUL ideas.


  • I actually got a REALLY great deal on my dress as well since the newer season was coming out. Shortly after that I found a bridal store that was going out of business and I found the perfect "reception" dress:) Maybe you can make arrangements for the garter toss to ocurr sooner in your wedding? :/ Or...depending on how short your dress is you may be able to do the garter toss while in your reception gown...just food for thought:)

    Good luck!
  • @kmpobuta - I am also considering a second dress. When I was looking for my wedding dress, I said I wanted something I could dance in. But the dress I fell in love with was a mermaid that I am not so sure I'll want to wear all night dancing. My dress was also inexpensive, so to spend another $150 on a second dress I can be more comfortable in for the rest of the night is not a big deal.

    That being said, if I got a second dress, I'd probably just change out of it after dinner. Since we're not doing the whole bouquet/garter toss, I can't speak to that.

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  • I lucked out big time:  a.) the dress I fell in love with is a two-piece and b.) my mom is great at sewing.  I am going to stay in the top half from 11:00am until the reception gets done ~9:00pm, but I am going to change out of the ridiculously heavy skirt after the first dances, the cake cutting, and the bouquet/garter toss.  My mom is making me a matching, floor length skirt with some flair that will be waaay better for party dancing.  Since we're doing the first dances as soon as we enter (before the meal), the cake cutting right after dinner, and the bouquet/garter toss right after the cake cutting, I'll be free and clear to change into the lighter skirt.  I figure if you do your bouquet/garter toss earlier in the night, you can change into your shorter dress.  Besides, sometimes it's hard to herd everyone together again for the bouquet/garter toss after the party is in full swing (people are outside smoking, or deep in conversation over drinks, or don't want to stop dancing).

    Just my two cents!  :)
  • Thanks!!!  

    @  KLJ3 - you DID luck out!  Laughing
    @ ajt04c - unfortunately, the dress would be too short for that to be deemed "appropriate", LOL!!!

    I know our garter was planned for later in the night, but I don't see any reason why we couldn't ask to do it (as well as the garter toss) after the first dances.  Then I can run off and change quickly too boggie the night away!  Wink

    Thanks again for your input guys! 
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