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Veil... to have one or not?

Hi. I am struggling with veils. Not sure if I want one and if I do which one. and then If I get one how do I want my hair. All I really know is that I think I want a half due for my hairstyle but not sure. Any suggestions are welcome. I have long naturally curely thick hair.  

Re: Veil... to have one or not?

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    if I were young, I woud do it all, the whole thing!... but I am 49yo, and wearing a veil I think would be silly for me...

    but it's really all about what you want.  How will you feel afterwards if you didn't wear one or did?  This is the one day that it can be all about you.  I always think a little into the future "would I wish I had tried harder", "woud I wished I would have gone with my gut more on what I wanted"...

    but I will be 50 when I get married, my first wedding, but I were  young I would wear every accessory there is... and be the most beautiful bride out there :)
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    Maybe google some images of brides with veils to see if anything strikes you?

    Maybe wear a veil for the ceremony and then go without for the reception?

    I think it's just a personal decision.  I'm wearing one because I feel it's more "bride" than going without one, but I've seen photos of other brides without one that looked fantastic as well.  I guess I just figured this is the one chance I get to wear one, so why not?  Plus, I think my mom would be disappointed if I didn't wear one.  I just have a really simple 1 tier fingertip length veil.  Doesn't have to be anything really detailed or poofy.
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    Can you try some on with your dress and see how you feel?    A lot of girls get that magic tingly feeling when they try on a veil with their dress.

    Personally, I'm skipping the veil because I'm having an outdoor wedding and don't want it to blow in my face if it's windy.  

    If you don't go with a veil you can always do a tiara, comb, flower, birdcage, fascinator, or anything else you want.  Google pictures and see what you like:-)

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    It depends on your dress style among a few other factors. Once you have your dress picked out, try on different style veils with it to see what you like. If you have thicker hair, a half-up/half-down do will have enough strength to hold a veil. It seems that a simple single-tier finger-tip length veil looks good with almost any dress, so that would be a good starting point when trying some on. GL!
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    I also have naturally curly thick hair but I'm wearing it blown out and down with a flower clipping some of my hair back over my one ear.  I did get a very simple one layer elbow length veil which I'll wear during the ceremony, which worked surprsingly welly together with the flower, and then just the flower for the reception.  Maybe you could have your stylist do something similar to what you are thinking of next time you get your hair cut, and then go try on some veils and other hair accessories like tiaras, fascinators and headbands (better yet, try them on with your dress if you can).
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    I agree with the PP. You don't have to wear the veil for the entire day of your wedding. I to am struggling to decide if I want to wear one or not. But, if I do, I will be wearing my hair with a flower or some kind of clip in and then taking the veil off for the reception, it will just get in the way anyways.
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    I think veils make you feel like a bride. When I first put one on, it completely transformed my dress from.. just a white dress to.. be being a bride! I LOVE my veil and cannot wait to wear it. It's a cathedral length with little tiny beading all around the edges. Nothing super fancy because I think that can get a little bit much. I'm taking my veil off for the reception. Drinking and dancing, it would just get in the way! Im' switching to a flower hairpiece instead so I'll still have something in my hair!

    I definitely think every bride should wear a veil though. They made you feel like a bride. Isn't that why they have veils?! When would you get to wear one again?
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    I say go with the vibe of your wedding. If its a more traditional formal wedding wear one if you find one you like, more funky or laid back don't wear one and opt for a head piece or something you like.

    I am wearing a crown of Irish Bells.
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    I'm having a Victorian wedding, but skipping the veil. They're too expensive for my budget. It's all up to you and your fiance.
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    I would not have felt like a bride without a veil :)
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    I agree with the PP who have said to look at the style of your dress and the "look" of wedding for your inspiration- I'm wearing a cathedral length veil which might seem a bit excessive but since my dress doesn't have a train, it allows me to have one for the walk down the aisle! I'm also getting married indoors so no wind worries and I'm removing it for the reception. 
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    It's completely up to you. I'm still torn between wanting one and not wanting one. I'm leaning towards not having one, and just having a flower fascinator. I am having an outdoor ceremony, not very formal and I'm wearing a simple lace trumpet gown. If it were a more formal wedding and I had a fancy dress I'd probably wear one. A veil is also just not me. If you can't see yourself getting married without one, then go for it! But if you feel like it would annoy you more than anything and doesn't fit with your theme/personality, it's perfectly fine to go without one :)
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    I'm wearing one, just because this is the only time I'll ever get to wear a veil, and I think its pretty :)
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    I've got long curly thick dark brown hair, (which I'll be wearing in an updo but still curly), I'm 48, and I'm wearing a veil.  I am going to work in an updated version of the Jewish Bedekken ceremony right before the wedding (where the groom veils the bride) which we are using as an intimate moment right before the ceremony to connect with each other as we look into each other's eyes one last time before we are married. The veil signifies that it is not the outer beauty which we bring to our marriage, it is what is within. I just love that.

    Regarding the practical aspect of how and where to attach the veil -- I've seen it attached from low under the hair with a curly updo, but that wont work with a blusher, so I'll probably attach the veil (with a comb, I guess) to the crown of my head (in front of my updo hair, sort of where a headband would sit). I will not have a head piece, but I would like to wear a flower to one side of my hair (under the veil. After the ceremony I will remove the veil.
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    wear it for part of the day --

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