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Wedding dress 'sash' - help! T-7 days until wedding day!

Ok, so I have a crystal sash that I was planning on tying in some sort of bow or something, rather than permanently adhering it to the dress in some fashion. Now that I have 7 days left to go, I'm really torn about what to do with this darn sash!

Sash can bee seen here...

It comes on this ivory tye material, that is very long, and kind of translucent. It's too late to have it sewn on, so what do you ladies thing...

Will I be ok to tie it somehow? Any other ways to tie it aside from a bow? I don't feel like a bow fits with the style of dress..

Dress can be seen here...

I suppose it would be frowned upon, but I could lightly stitch it on if I can't find another option? Perhaps wardrobe tape? Or just suck it up and do some kind of bow in the back?

Thanks guys!!
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Re: Wedding dress 'sash' - help! T-7 days until wedding day!

  • I would just tie it.  With that thin material, I would be worried that any stitching or wardrobe tape would be visible.  You can tie a bow with short "ears" or just tie a square knot.  You could also tie a bow with only one "ear" and have that ear point upward like this chair tie (click).  I think it will look really nice either way.
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  • You could wrap it around your waist, and instead of knotting it, secure it criss-crossed in the back with a beautiful brooch. You could even push the brooch through the top layer of your gown to secure it and keep it from twisting around.
  • The only thing I can think is if you know someone who can sew well, mark on the sash where it meets in the back, put in some hooks and eyes and cut off the excess.  You'll essentially be making it into a belt.  Otherwise I think a bow is your best bet.  You can maybe make a small bow, though you'd be left with longer tails.  GL
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  • For the record, I think it would look fine tied in a bow in the back.  If you don't like that, though, a square knot would be equally lovely.
  • I would secure it in the back with a small, blingy pin or brooch.  No cutting, no bow, no need for sewing!
  • I have a crystal sash. It is satin, but maybe I can help you.

    She did a simple stitch on each side of the dress (where the seams are) so you couldn't see it. The ends are loose at then we are just tying it in a bow the day of the wedding. Does that help? I hope!
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  • That you guys so much! I didn't even think of a pin or a square knot! I think we'll try both and see how it looks!! Thanks again.
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    Tie it, a simple bow in the back should look fine.
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