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Mori Lee Bridesmaids - Different Shades?

Has anyone had any issues with Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses being different shades (in photos) if the bridesmaids ordered their dresses from different places? One of my bridesmaids went to a dress shop in Minnesota and was told that the dresses should be ordered from the same place at the same time. Otherwise, they would be cut from different rolls of fabric and could show up as a different shade in photos. Thanks!

Re: Mori Lee Bridesmaids - Different Shades?

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    I'm dealing with a similar issue.  Option - have your bridesmaid have her measurements done and then order all of the dresses from the same shop.  They can likely ship the dress directly to your bridesmaid and then she can have it altered locally if she needs to have it altered.  David's Bridal offered that solution to one of my friends that is getting married soon.

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    My BM's dresses were from Mori Lee and they were the same color they did purchase from the same place but were not ordered at the same and they came out the same.  Also our boutique did not mention anything about the possibilities of them coming out to be different colors so I would say not to worry about it.
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