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LaBelle Winery Venue Help

Are there any LaBelle winery brides out there?  The venue just opened in late 2012 and I wanted to get your opinion on how the experience went.  I'm mainly concerned with service and any suggestions on lighting.  It didn't seem like there were any options besides the lights in the room.  Is it possible to add dim, romantic lighting?

Thank you from a nervous bride-to-be!

Re: LaBelle Winery Venue Help

  • I checked out their site because the grounds are beautiful. Too high priced for me, so I didn't look into it further but I am sure they have options. I would contact them directly, I don't think there's been more than 1 or 2 weddings there just yet so I'm not sure the boards will be able to answer your questions about the venue yet.

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  • There are plenty of vendors that offer additional lighting schemes outside of the venue's options.  DJs and photographers will often have some recommendations for this type of stuff, so ask around when you meet with them!
  • It looks like a lovely space but the room fee is pricey. Did you end up booking or find a good referral?
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    Any brides that have gotten married at LaBelle winery and want to share their pics I would really appreciate it. I'm thinking about getting married there in the Fall and just want to see some of the set ups. Thank you advance!
  • I think it looks beautiful and I'm sure they've thought about lighting.  Just ask them and see what they say.  Too pricey for me too, but I'd love to see pictures of weddings there!

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