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Fake Eyelashes- Tacky or Okay?

Hello Ladies,

I have short, light eyelashes. I have always felt somewhat insecure about them. On my wedding day, I was looking into buying some modest fake eyelashes to wear. (Nothing too crazy- i want them to look somewhat natural!)

Is this totally tacky?

Are there other alternatives (besides the "grow your eyelashes" serum which I don't think I have the money or time for)?

Any advice would be great- thanks.

Re: Fake Eyelashes- Tacky or Okay?

  • I've never been a big fan of fake eyelashes but I think if they are modest then they should look fine.

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  • Don't most brides wear them? As long as you don't use the kind where it's one long fake piece, you're fine. The kind that uses several short pieces on each eye look the best IMO.
  • I definately plan on wearing fake eyelashes - I really want my eyes to stand out in our pictures and mine too are light and short. Most stores carry a variety of them. For a natural look, choose the ones that come in small clusters not strips. That way you can put in as many or as few as you like to give your eyelashes more length and volume. Also, if you plan on having a professional do your make up on the day of they should be very capable of using fake eyelashes to give you a natural look.
  • try half strips are individual ones! they look amazing, and very subtle, they really make your eyes look larger and pop, I wear them all the time on speacial occasions and no one notices the lashes, but everyone is like wow your eyes look great, I'm doing individuals for my wedding.
  • i am actually going to get eyelash extensions, they last about 6 weeks that way eyelashes will look great on beach on honeymoon!
  • I am totally wearing fake lashes!

    A lot of brides do...and as long as you keep them under control, most people won't even know you are wearing them.  The idea being to enhance...not overtake your eyes/face.
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  • I think they are great as long as they are decent ones. I LOVE MAC's--they look so natural!!

    I totally plan on wearing them!
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  • I just bought myself some eyelashes to try out! I'm definitely wearing them for the wedding.
  • Carmindy always cuts the strips in half on What Not to Wear.  They look nice.  To my knowledge, I've never noticed anyone in person with fake eyelashes.  So either I've never seen them, or they look natural.

  • Get the individual ones from Sally Beauty (I think called Ardell)
    Get the clear glue
    Dip the knot into the glue and let it dry a little, then apply.
    Practice a few times before the big day!
  • I love fake eyelashes for formal events, but I only ever do a halfstrip.  As long as they are applied properly, they blend right in with your natural lashes and most people can't even tell.
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  • Definitely don't find fake lashes tacky... unless they're the crazy llama ones. ;)

    I plan on wearing them in some form on my wedding day.
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