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Need help finding dream dress!

This is the link to my dream dress:

I need help finding out what the designer is and the name of this style. Please please help me!

Re: Need help finding dream dress!

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    Where did you find the picture? If you found it on the website that is on the pic, I would go back to the page and see if it is says the desinger. I was just on that website and they look like knock-off dresses but most of them say the designer they are modeled after. If you could find the designers name, that may give you some direction on how to find it or you may have to go the custom route.

    Here is a site you might try looking on:

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    I agree with Missy. At a first glance though, I would guess it's a Demetrios dress, but I could be way off base.
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    If the info in the watermark is correct, it may be a dress that is made from a pattern, not sold in stores.  "Vogue" is a designer of dress patterns (by McCall's).  I've heard of EnVogue bridals, but I just did a quick google search for Vogue bridals and came up with nothing.  That's not to say it doesn't exist, of course, because there are SO many designers.  Good luck tracking it down,that's a very unique dress!
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