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Purple bridesmaid dresses--flower colors?

I was originially planning on (and paid for) white bouquets to go with the purple bridesmaid's dresses.  Unfortunatly, my florist passed away and I have another appt. later today to get a new florist.  I am now rethinking my decision of whtie flowers.  Would red flowers look good with purple dresses? I am also thinking of yellow bouquets. The link to the bridesmaid's dresses is below.  Thanks everyone!

Re: Purple bridesmaid dresses--flower colors?

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    They were going to purple and white, but I have time to change them lol
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    I think yellow and green go great with purple-- but I do love all white flowers for the BM if the bride is doing a color bouquet. That is what I am doing.

    I'm also loving orange with purple:

    Aaaaand I'm loving lavendar flowers with purple dresses:

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    I think it would be fine.  I'm also a fan of orange and purple.
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    My BMs wore purple and had orange flowers.  PIB.
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    My BMs are also in purple. They will be probably carrying bouquets with white, purple and light yellow. I have also seen light orange and lavender, which looks great, too. I tend to go for the lighter colors for accents since the dresses are dark. If you're looking for something bright, I'd recommend yellow or coral. Yellow is the natural color-wheel complement to purple. I think deep red and blue can get lost against purple.
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    I like the idea of pops of color such as a bright spring green or orange against purple.  you could always incorporate white in with these colors to make it a bit more neutral. 

    purple with intense colors looks really fresh and 'brightens' up dark colored dresses.  have fun with it!!!

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    You can do pretty much anything with purple.  I've always loved purple and yellow together, but I think green, pink or orange would also be gorgeous.  Browse pictures and see what colour combination really grabs you.  It's really a matter of personal preference.
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    My BMs are wearing regency from DB and the their bouquets have yellow, orange, red, and purple flowers.
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    My DD's WP wore purple and had honeydew green as her accent color.  The BM flowers were white with the stems wrapped in the honeydew green ribbon.  It was lovely.
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    my bridesmaids are wearing this in watermelon and my maid of honor is wearing it in clover! LOVE IT! :D

    and i agree with all the PPs on the color combos!
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    Our colors are Dark Purple and Orange. I will be carring dark purple, orange, and white flowers, and maybe a little green.
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