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New Hampshire

11 days to the wedding and no priest!

Hey Ladies- I am having my first bridal meltdown and need some encouraging words. I found out yesterday that our priest has left the church to "seek professional help" I'm not sure what this means...I contacted the church to ask what was going to happen, and they said they weren't sure, but assured me there would be 'someone' to officiant the day of. I'm freakin out! 1) I wasn't super close with this priest, but we had been talking for the past year, and had gotten to know eachother and I really liked him and 2) I need to print my programs and don't have a name to put on them... Am I over reacting or would you be upset/worried/stressed/anxious over this as well?

Re: 11 days to the wedding and no priest!

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    I'd be edgy as well.  I'm sure it will work out.  I would ask the church to keep you updated every step of the day or call constantly to make sure it gets done.

    I'm sorry this is happening to you.
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    I'm so sorry! That would stress me out too! Especially with the closeness of your wedding date!

    I agree with PP though.  I'm sure everything will work out.  I would stay on top of them and make sure that it is being handled. They might be able to give you a name for your programs as well.

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    That's awful! I hope they get back to you soon! And I hope your previous priest is doing alright. GL!
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    I would be so stressed out, you are not even remotely overreacting.  Let's face it, as short of a part of the day the ceremony is, it's kind of the reason you're all coming together!

    Give them a couple of days to figure things out, and call them again.  Explain that you would really appreciate knowing who will perform your ceremony, as obviously this is a critical part of your wedding and you need to meet with this person well beforehand to sort out how it's going down.

    Good luck; I'm sure it will sort itself out!
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    I sent you a private message!

    I am sure the church will provide you with a priest. It is unnerving, and frustrating this close out but where you weren't close to the priest I wouldn't stress too much about it. You don't want to stress yourself out too much before the wedding.

    You can just leave it out of the program, or wait until you find out. I'm sure no one would really notice anyway, you could always say you forgot to put it in or something.

    So yes, annoying, frustrating, etc, but in the end, as long as someone is there to marry you and you are married by the end of it...that is all that matters!
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    I am so sorry that you're going though this....I would wait until the last possible minute to print those programs...maybe they'll give you the replacement Priests' name by then, or as already advised, just leave the 'officiant' listing out of the program all together.

    Deep breaths.....it wiill all work out....but you really didn't need this so close to your date. :(

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