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Where to find customizable button-downs for getting ready?

I would like to buy a monogrammed button-down for myself and each of my maids for getting hair and makeup done. Button-downs are much more my style, rather than hoodies. Where can I find someone who will do this on CUTE button-downs? I saw a pic on Style Me Pretty ... 

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Re: Where to find customizable button-downs for getting ready?

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    You could just find the button downs at any store and then take them to a place that does embroidery and have a monogram put on.
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    meganb1977meganb1977 member
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    That's what I was thinking tera.  Somewhere like Old Navy or Target might have those kind of basic shirts at a good price.
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    Honestly I wouln't spend a lot of money on them because no one is going to wear them after the wedding.
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    I don't think I would get them embroidered or anything.  Like PP said, they won't get work after the wedding, and if they do the girls aren't going to want "bridesmaid" on it wherever they wear it to.

    Just do like the picture.  Buy a white one for yourself and one in your wedding color for each of your girls.
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    I would totally wear a button-down again if it had my initials monogrammed on it.  I agree -- find the shirts you like and take them to a local embroidery store.   It'll be way cheaper than ordering custom-made shirts.
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    I would wear a monogrammed button down again! It might not be everyone's style but if you think your bridesmaids would wear it then I think it's a cute idea. I agree that you should find some cheap shirts and take them to a local embroidery shop. If you want to spend a little more, JCrew used to offer embroidery on select shirts - they might still do that, I haven't checked in a while. Good luck!
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    I would wear it again too.  I think it a super cute idea and like PP said, just find the shirt and have it embroidered somewhere.  Just make sure it is either the bridesmaids initial(s) or name, not bridesmaid or MOH etc.
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