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bridesmaid dress color trouble

Help!  I can't find the 'right' orange!  I really want to have orange bridesmaids dresses but all of the oranges I'm seeing are either too 'blah, too peachie, or too burnt.  I want a fun, summery orange but the tangerine/tangelo oranges just don't seem to be the right ones.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a designer/store who carries some more vibrant colors.  Anything would be great!

Re: bridesmaid dress color trouble

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    Have you looked at Pantone Wedding? They have a LOT of gorgeous colors.
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    Have you checked cutieclothes? They have a lot of vibrant-coral colors.

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    Wow this was me 6 months ago!
    I knew I didn't want a pastel orange or a burnt orange. I finally found my BM dresses at Alfred Angelo. They are the persimmons color. I debated and debated becasue I just couldn't decide and nothing was EXACLTY what I wanted. The Alfred Angelos still aren't the EXACT color but they are the closest I could find. I will warn you, the color looks completely different on the website than in person and it also looks completely differnent depending on which style and fabric you choose for the dress. I also think it photographs lighter then it looks in real life.

    My wedding is this coming Saturday, July 3rd. If you would like, I can email you some pictures from my wedding and you can see what you think of them. Or maybe you already looked at AA and didn't like them which is okay too :-)
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    Did you check out David's Bridal? Someone suggested this to me a while ago and at first I disagreed because the last time I shopped there was a few years ago as a bridesmaid and I was not impressed. But they have lots of colors and styles and fabrics now, and at least 3 or 4 oranges to choose from.

    Hope that helps a little!
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    Orange! What a fun color! Have you looked at the Aria line of dresses at all? I think they have some nice oranges. You can see their swatches at this link:

    I hope that will help you in your search!
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