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Who has?

gone to Las Vegas?  Tell me all about it....Good, bad and the ugly.

FI wants to go for his 40th this year and I'm trying to feel out where to stay, not to stay and what to do as well as what to skip.

Thanks ;)

Re: Who has?

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    I've been.  What's good?  So much to see!!!!  What's bad?  Sooooo much walking.  What's ugly?  Hangovers!!!!

    You should def go to VEGAS!
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    I went! I was underage at the time..but the strip is fun. VERY dirty...but that's almost to be expected. I would definitely spend some time in the different hotels. They're all really nice. We loved MGM in particular.

    Also, we took a trip out to the Hoover Dam. That was an incredible day. We rented a boat and actually saw it from down in the water. It was fun to see it from below instead of having to look down.

    I also really liked the Hard Rock Hotel. It's not right on the strip and it's quite a walk. Walking is going to be a huge part of your trip. Or cab rides if you don't want to walk.

    I also know people who stayed at the Bellagio and loved it. 
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    I def would recommend seeing a show, especially a Cirque du Soleil, they are awesome!!  We also saw Phantom of the Opera and it was great!
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    i liked Vegas, we went for my bday 2 years ago.
    we saw a couple shows (you can get discount tickets while you're there)
    i had a fun time, despite being laid off the week before we left.

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    we stayed in a suite at the bellagio that was gorgeous but when we go next time we are staying at the Cosmopolitan right next door... please check it out... its brand new and gorgeous! very modern and they have the BEST buffets

    avoid mgm, excalibur, luxor

    also we stayed at the wynn once which is gorgeous

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    I've been a few times.  If you're a go with the flow type of person, you can get some good deals on hotel rooms if you wait until you arrive.  Then walk into Treasure Island or MGM Grand and ask what they have available, then when they quote you, tell them that sounds good and you'd appreciate a room with ______ included for the same price.  I've seen rooms with hot tubs in the bedroom, mirrors on the ceiling in Caesar's Palace.  Oh, and the shows are truly great, so are the restaurants.  The buffets are also pretty good!  Have fun!
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    Red Rock Canyon is another fun trip that you could do during the day, and then come back to the strip for dinner and entertainment.  Vegas is fun--if you've never been, you should visit.  The breakfast buffet at the Bellagio is amazing.  If you eat at about 10 or 11---it will fiill you up for the entire day. 

    Definitely see some shows too...we saw Jersey Boys at the Venetian and it was great.
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    It's so much fun! We went in December and stayed at Caesars Palace. We were able to go for 7 days for really cheap. We did a lot of walking around visiting different places. The Freemont St Experience is absolutely something that you need to do.. BUT if you venture beyond the actual area it is really sketchy so be careful!
    The variety show is incredible! There is awesome shopping in Caesars and at the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.. The only suggestion I really have is don't get sucked into the timeshare presentations! They sound awesome, but they keep you there for a good 6-8 hours. The new Cosmopolitan looks super nice too! Have fun!
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    My fi proposed to me at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant! Great food, although I was too excited to eat. It's in a gorgeous location, overlooking the fountains at the Bellagio. 
    We stayed at the Imperial Palace. It was less expensive, but right in the middle of everything! We got there around 11:30, and they upgraded our room for the night to an awesome suite. The Sahara is further away, but offers cheap gambling ($1 Blackjack, Roulette and more during the week). I'm pretty sure there are a few others near there that offer less expensive room rates.
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