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Serious Veil Emergency

One of my big wedding day splurges was my cathedral length, three tiered veil.  I chose a simple dress so the veil does a lot for the formal ceremony.  I took it out to show my FMIL and it tore.  A HUGE rip... you can seriously fit your head through the hole in this veil.  I'm sooo upset.  One of the layers unattach via velcro at the top of the veil and it snagged and ripped.  Every website I looked at basically said you can't fix tulle.  I can't believe I'm the first bride to ever rip a veil and there has to be a trick for this.  Any suggestions ladies?

Re: Serious Veil Emergency

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    See if your seamstress can take out that layer and replace it.  My seamstress made my veil for me.
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    Have you called the place you purchased it from? Maybe the seamstress willhave an idea. I agree, you can't bethe fist and only bride to tear her veil befor the wedding.


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    You can't fix tulle. Your best option would be to have that layer replaced. If you absolutely must try to fix it, the only option is to take a very fine invisible (clear) thread, and tie a tiny knot at every point where the net would can be re-joined. This is very labor intensive and will not look perfect.
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    My seamstress made me a veil within 48 hours of my wedding.  Ask her to replace the layer.
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    Thanks so much for the suggestions.  I'm thinking I'll try to replace the layer.
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