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Retro? Vintage?

I bought my dress back in April and I LOVE love love it. No second thoughts at all. We already had some vintage touches to our reception - we rented a '54 Bentley for pictures and transportation from the church to the reception. The BM dresses are decidedly 50's -full circle skirts, A line with a belted waist. Didn't plan it that way but that was what everyone loved, and I loved it too. 

My only issue is that no one can come to any agreement on what decade the dress evokes. I've heard everything from 20's-50's. It's not a huge deal, but it might have some sway on what sort of headpiece I end up picking. Our STD's are in that sort of Gatsbyish font (20's) and we'd like to carry that through to our invites. I know these are the tiny details no one but me cares about, but I thought maybe you ladies could give your input. 

Dress on the model 

Me (decidedly unmodelish) in dress

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Re: Retro? Vintage?

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    I think it could definitely go with any of those but, and I hope you don't mind me sayng this, with your lovely figure it's much more Marilyn than Daisy.

    That said, what kind of headpieces are you considering? With that neck detail, I think I would go for something fairly simple, like a plain birdcage.
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    That's actually a lovely compliment :) Daisy's kind of...delicate anyway. 

    We tried on a birdcage with it and it just didn't fit. I'm looking at fascinators and cocktail hats.I don't want a veil at all because I don't want to cover up the back. I have a vintage brooch of my grandmother's that I'll be either wearing in my hair or attaching to a ribbon or something and making a bracelet. I don't wear earrings so a bracelet will be on only jewelry. I want to do my hair in a side chignon I think, and I did buy a small cocktail hat but it still looks big on my head. I'm not totally in love with it. 

    It very similar in size and shape to this except it's white and only has feathers. MY sister and I put the brooch in the middle (where this has a flower) and it helped but I'm still not..wowed. 

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    I like that idea, but agree about it maybe being too big. How about something like this, and add your broach and maybe some feathers? This site has several different headpieces.
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