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FI and BM Suits?

We are having a beach wedding and I am wearing a Oleg Cassini dress, I want the men to wear black suits but I am having a hard time finding reasonable priced suits! The wedding is April 5, so the tempeture should still be a little cool! Anyone know of a good cheap suit, we want to buy it as a gift for the bestman! Twill, Wool, or I have no idea HELP~!
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Re: FI and BM Suits?

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    Why are you set on buying it?  You can easily rent suits from a Men's Warehouse or another tux rental shop.  Would this suit be considered his gift for being in the wedding because if so then it really isn't a gift...if you require them to wear or use whatever you give them in the wedding that does not equal a gift it equals their attire.

    But if you are buying a suit to be nice and giving him something else as a gift I would still look into Men's Warehouse...they always have a sale going on or even Joseph A. Banks...they have lots of sales as well.  If you have a Kohl's near you I know that they sell suits at reasonable prices as well.

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    Men's Warehouse, Burlington Coat Factory, Macy's (they have sales all the time).  Just keep in mind that they don't all need to be the same suit.  Any black suit will work just pull it together with ties.
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    K&G Warehouse often has sales on their suits.  Usually buy 1 get 2 free.  If you don't have one near you, they have a online store. 
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