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Dresses from Past Seasons

I am in love with a dress from Monique Lhuillier's 2009 collection. Will I be able to purchase a dress from a past season at a bridal salon or will a dressfrom the current season be my only option?

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    Maybe if it were a 2010 dress you were looking for, but I doubt a salon will have a 2009. Have you tried craigslist, ebay, etc to see if you can find a used one?
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    2009 might be pushing it, but the salon would be a better source for information than we would.

    In any case, you may be able to find a preowned gown or sample in good (or even new!) condition. Some sources for this:
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    My dress was introduced in 2009 but it hasn't been discontinued yet, so it was still carried at the alfred angelo flagship store. If it's still listed at their website you've definitely got a shot. If not, then a preowned dress would be your best bet.

    Good luck!

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    It all depends on the bridal salons.

    My dress was purchased in late 2009 and it was from Fall 2007.
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