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New Hampshire

I need to find a rustic wedding venue! NH or ME HELP!

Hi everyone!
I am so stuck. I am looking for the perfect reception venue and am having no luck. Here is what I am looking for...

Rustic... lodge... log home... farm... barn.. mountains.. woods... if you guys get my flow.. obviously I can't have all of these in one but this is my theme.

I am looking for something cheap! We would even would consider being in someones backyard that overlooks the mountains or someones old barn!

We have about 170 people invited.. looking for October this year... Please if anyone knows of anything or has connections to a small farm, let me know. Thank you everyone!


Re: I need to find a rustic wedding venue! NH or ME HELP!

  • I looked at the Dell Lea in Chichester, NH. It is a redone barn, very rustic. There is a beautiful ceremony site out back overlooking the mountains. They don't have a website that I know of, but were good with returning calls. It may be a bit far for you, and I'm not positive how many it can hold, but definitely sounds like what you're looking for- worth a call? Also, I haven't been but a friend of mine looked at Alpine Grove in Nashua. There may be others on the board who know more about it, but it's fairly rustic, log cabin-ish too. :)
  • Shattuck Golf Club in Jaffrey, NH sort of has all that that you're looking for. They have an outdoor ceremony site with a view of Mt. Monadnock, and an interior space that is beamed and wide open. It actually was an old church at one time I believe. It's beautiful. It's actually one of the sites I toured with an ex I was planning on marrying, and that's pretty much the only reason I didn't consider them for my wedding. I believe you can do a search for them on google and they have a website.
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  • http://www.peabodyhistorical.org/wedding_facilities.asp

    I don't think it's "cheap," but since you didn't give us a budget, I figured I'd include it.
  • Londonderry Country Club,

    I think their max is 180 people. And they are super cheap.
  • Check out Church Landing at the Inns and Spa at Mill Falls in Meredith, NH.

    That's where our reception is going to be, and it's SO COOL! They've actually got fireplaces, Birch tree beams on the ceiling and walls, and also, tree detail on the stairs that lead down to the Ballroom.

    I like it... not sure if it'll fit your budget, but it's worth a look!
  • While I got married at the Shattuck and loved it, if you're looking for rustic, I don't think it's the place.

    I'd check out Whitney's Inn in Jackson, NH (pretty close to the ME border). I'm not sure about what it costs, but I had a friend get married there and I loved the venue. The wedding manager (I think she's left) was wonderful.

  • Try Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH. You can have up to 150 people, you have the whole grounds to yourselves, and can rent hayrides and things for your wedding. So fun!

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