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Drycleaning before wedding

How long does a dry cleaner typically take on a dress, mine is a simple tea length with beads. Also, what is the average cost?
Should I be concerned about the little beads on it?

Re: Drycleaning before wedding

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    When I had my dress preserved (I had a modified a-line, long dress with train) they told me it would be cleaned in about a week.  But it depends on your dry cleaner and how busy they are.

    As far as cost you should ask your local board to see if they recommend any dry cleaners or if they have an idea of how much it should run.

    For the beads, I would point them out to your dry cleaner and tell them that you are concerned that they might get loose or fall off during the cleaning process.  I am sure any dry cleaner as dealt with things like this before and know how to handle it but it never hurts to point out your concerns so they can reassure you.

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    Do people gget their dresses drycleaned prior to the wedding?? I am confused
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:aa5116cb-e045-412d-93fd-50d1825146c9Post:5575d0c1-5ae4-4c44-b65b-12907cc12be6">Re: Drycleaning before wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]Do people gget their dresses drycleaned prior to the wedding?? I am confused
    Posted by loca4pook[/QUOTE]

    If she bought her dress used and was unsure as to whether it was cleaned prior to buying it she may want to get it dry cleaned just to make sure there are not dirty spots anywhere on the dress.

    Now if the dress is brand spanking new, then no, dry cleaning would not be necessary, but a good steaming might be.

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