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Bouquet Preservation

Did anyone do this?  Are you planning to have it done?  The quotes I am receiving are ridiculous ($350 -$700) and I am wondering if this is something that is even worth it.   At that rate I can just pay ot have the bouquet made every year for the rest of my life!

What do you think?
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Re: Bouquet Preservation

  • Options not a crafty person and i don't really hold onto every little memory from trips/events, so im wondering if i will even appreciate it this the way others might, thats just me though....i was going to do it till i heard the price - WHOA!
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    I'm not having mine preserved and I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather spend that money on my photographer and have great pics of my bouquet to look at!

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    I hung mine upside down in a dark closet for a few weeks and it looks great - and it was free.
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    I'm counting on having awesome pics of mine, and possibly taking one or two of the flowers to press and save with the ribbon I'm tying my bouquet with (it's from my mom's wedding dress) to mat and frame.  I hadn't even looked into bouquet preservation, had no idea it could cost so much!  You could buy a re-creation of your bouquet on your anniversary for a few years for that kind of money!
    ETA:  OP - I only read the first sentence or two of your post before replying, I didn't realize that you had said this, too!!
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    I didn't preserve mine either. When I have tried to save flowers in the past, they just get all broken and make a mess everywhere.

    I did spend a good chunk of money preserving my dress, though.
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    thanks ladies! i am paying to preserve the dress and veil but with living overseas and the expense of shipping AND preserving the bouquet is just ridiculous!  i agree that photos and video of it will be just fine! i also like the idea of hanging upside down in a closet for a few weeks - maybe i will do that at my dad's house and leave it there in a vase until we are back in the US - by then i will probably forget about it! haha

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    I also hung mine in the closet for about 4 weeks....the only flowers that didn't look so good were the beautiful orchids, they turned really brown....but I removed those and kept the other flowers - cream roses and yellow cala lillies - they are now in a vase in my bedroom.
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