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Ashworth By the Sea

I am thinking about having my reception at the Ashworth in Sept. Has anyone been to a reception there or used them b4-what did u think?  TIA!!

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    I know someone that works there. They said if you do a reception there to not do buffet because they reuse food from previous buffets...that kind of made me not want to go there at all..but it is beautiful!! :D
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    I've never been to a reception there but was looking into it when I was searching for a venue.  I mentioned it to one of my BMs who said she had worked there.  She told me "absolutely not!" and said how bad the place was.  Also, my dad had stayed there 2 years ago when he was in town to visit during the summer.  He didn't know it was close by to a place with loud music late at night.  He said he didn't get to sleep until 2am.  Just a thought for your guests staying there.
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    I checked them out and thought seriously about going with them for our venue, but my mom brought up a good point: the only reason I really liked them so much was the thought of getting married on the beach. Once you're inside the reception there are no windows on the ballroom, so you don't even know you're on the beach anymore! And what if it rains, etc etc.

    I ultimately went with another venue, but I did like the Ashworth. I have a soft spot for Hampton Beach, spent a lot of time there as a kid and a young adult. I think taking pics on the boardwalk would be fun!
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    My sister's reception was at the Ashworth.  Unfortunately it was in June and one of the hottest weekends we had.  The bathroom that is used for the guests is also the bathroom that a lot of people who "walked in off the beach" used.  The bathroom baskets were cleaned out by tourists before our meal was served.  Also, there is a bridal room upstairs that we waited in before entering the reception.  Well my sister needed to use the bathroom before we went downstairs.  I had to go into the bathroom and kick out these little teeny boppers in bikinis who were using the bathroom to "primp".  I was less than impressed.  The food was good and the service was good, but those were my only two issues.  What date in Sept are you planning?  Just an FYI that the Seafood Festival is the weekend after Labor Day.
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