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running of the brides

I just heard that running of the brides is coming to a filene's basement near me! I'm intrigued, but I already have my dress. I kind of want to go just for the experience, and just in case I find something that I love even more. However, I'm hesitant mostly because I don't want to make myself start second-guessing the dress that I have already bought (I am always get the WORST buyer's remorse, and I am so surprised that I haven't second-guessed my wedding dress decision yet!) 

So, anyone gotten their dress from running of the brides? how was the experience? Is it worth going just for the heck of it, or should I steer clear and be happy with what I already decided on. I think I know what the right decision would be, but I need someone else to say it for me to believe it:)

Re: running of the brides

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    I'd steer clear. It's been happening here forever, and while I LOVE the idea of finding a designer gown for very little, I can't really stomach fighting (literally) with all those other women, changing in public, bringing friends to snatch gowns and make trades, etc- it's all sort of overwhelming to me.
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    If you already have a dress, stop looking for one. The Running, while it ends happily for a lot of ladies, is essentially the highest-pressure sales situation you'll ever find yourself in--you end up not really sure if it's the dress for you, but you know that it'll be gone if you don't buy it rightthisminute.

    You sound like you're happy with your gown, so don't look at the Running, or anywhere else for that matter.
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