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Buying the dress: in the state you live in or get married in?

Hi ladies!

I live in NY but am getting married in California.  I plan to make trips back there (probably quite a few to plan) but I was wondering where I should order my NY or CA? Is it better to be close to have fittings or better to have the dress close by to where the wedding will be (eliminating the hassle of shipping or taking the dress on the plane)?

I'd love to know what you think! And thanks! Laughing
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Re: Buying the dress: in the state you live in or get married in?

  • it depends.  How soon before the wedding will you be in CA?  And how often will you be there before the weddings to schedule fittings?  if you will be there often enough and long enough to schedule fititngs then I would go for CA.  If not then I would buy it in NY.
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  • I'll probably be out in California two or three more times before the wedding (it's next November..just got engaged on Thanksgiving!) and am planning to arrive at least 5 days before the wedding. That being said, what are your thoughts?

    And thank you for your input!! I really appreciate it since I'm new at this. :)
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  • For fittings sake I would buy in NY. I would want to see the dress and try it as soon as it comes in just to be sure there are no problems.
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  • Definitely ditto dnbeach12's advice.

    We got married in Ohio, but live in Georgia. Both of our parents and rest of our family lives in Ohio. I actually purchased my dress right after I moved to GA and then when it came in, it was stored at H's Grandma's house. The next time I came into town, I went for the first fitting. I knew that I would be back in town for all of the fittings and had a place to store it. We were also in town 1 full week before the wedding should I of needed any last minute alterations or fixes.
  • I live in Cali but am getting married in NJ.  I don't know how many trips I will be making to NJ before the wedding.  I made one right after getting the dress in August and I probably will only have 1 more in May.  I bought my dress out here in Cali so that it is here for the fittings.
  • Purchase it wherever but you should have it altered in NY.  It will be easier on you to have alterations where you live rather than having to fly out for them.
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  • Would you have a place to store it in CA? IF you found the dress the very next time you went, you would have to count on AT LEAST two dress fittings I think, so that's cutting it close.
  • My wedding was in Las Vegas, but I purchased the dress and had it altered here in CA.  It just didn't make sense to try to buy it out there.
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  • Also, I am not sure what tax is in NY but it is almost 10% here in CA.  So you might save by purchasing it in NY.
  • I am getting married in Oregon, but live in DC. I think you need to remember that is can take weeks before finding the right dress. You don't want to assume you'll find it on a weekend trip to CA. Give yourself some room to make the choice based on price, style, etc and not a rushed vacation purchase.

    My main concern was not buying the dress without my mom who lives in Oregon, or my MOH who lives in DC. My mom flew to DC to do the dress shopping, but I had gone to a shop before and done a lot of research before she came. We went to a salon because they had a specific dress I had looked up and tracked down and we bought the sample there. I will have it altered here and take it on the plane. It will be a hassle to get it to Oregon, but it would have been a bigger hassle to have to buy and alter it across the country.
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  • I don't know.  I bought my dress in the state next to where my parents live, which is not where I live or where the wedding will be.  I think either way it's complicated.
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