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I just wanted to post my review of Pearl's Place. Now I actually never even visited the store! I was looking for ways to save money for my bridesmaids because they are all having financial issues at the moment(who isnt!) The dress that we decided on was around $200 in the stores in my hometown. I looked into online ordering but many knottie's told me the online stores were bad knockoffs claiming to be the original thing.

However, there were a lot of suggestions for phone ordering through Pearl's Place in Louisiana. Knottie's said that since it was a Brick and Mortar store, they felt more comfortable instead of an online store that could hide behind knockoffs claiming to be original. I was *VERY* skeptical(even with all of the positive reviews from people saying it worked out) and spent a lot of time reading the various experiences people had. I ended up deciding that the $ we saved would be worth it, even if they ended up being a very good knockoffs(which people in the various reviews said they were NOT)

I called Pearl's and gave them the designer/style no/color/size. I was able to get the dresses for $119 plus $7 shipping(per bridesmaid) and in the stores here the price range was $185-$215 for the same dress! I put it on my credit card to make it easier for shipping to once location and my bridesmaids paid me back. All of the dresses were shipped in the same box and they arrived yesterday(I was told by the end of the third week in May, so on time!)

The box came labeled from the designer to Pearl's. My addresses sticker was slapped on and it was sent to me. The dressses came in the original packing, with the original tags and were design/color/sizes we ordered.

I couldn't be happier at this point! :) I just wanted to put this review out there for anyone else who is looking to save money yet wants to feel at ease going with Pearl's! Ordering your bridesmaid dress over the phone, at a store you've never been to, was a big risk for me! I had to trust in the other knottie's reviews and hope it would work out. I am happy to say it did!

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    Thank you for this! I was wondering just how significance the price difference was. My girls and I going to feel more comfortable dress shopping now that we know they can afford what they want. 

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    [QUOTE]Thank you for this! I was wondering just how significance the price difference was. My girls and I going to feel more comfortable dress shopping now that we know they can afford what they want. 
    Posted by audrewuh[/QUOTE]

    I was very skeptical at first. Before going with Pearl's, I went to the stores in my hometown and asked if they would price match, they would not. Most of my bridesmaids tried the dresses on at the store to see how they liked it and to see what size they would probably need to order.  The one store did a courtesy sizing for my one bridesmaid who was out of town. She took her measurements and compared it to the sizing chart from Bill Levoff because she couldn't try the sample size on and we ordered that way.  Once you find a dress in person that you like, call Pearl's and see what they will quote you.
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    I am from New Orleans, and Pearls Places' storefront is located about 10 min from my home. My dress as well as my bridesmaids dresses have come from Pearls, and I can say that everything is legit. The store is always busy... sometimes you have to get there super early because there's a line formed outside before the store opens. I am very pleased with the prices. So good job choosing Pearls! Glad everything worked out for you!
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    Figured I'd throw my $.02 in in case anyone else is reading this thread and is unsure whether to use Pearl's Place.

    It's a completely legitimate store.  No knockoffs, no scams, etc.  It's a great place to buy your dress because the prices are hard to beat.

    That said, it's not the best place to shop.  It's always crazy busy, like a PP mentioned, because they never work by appointment.  When I went in to shop for my dress, I wandered around the store for a good 15 minutes before anyone even noticed me and asked if I needed anything.

    When I went back several months later to pick up my dress, they automatically assumed I was getting a bridesmaid dress.  Not a big deal, but it bugged me.  Really, it's just constant chaos in there.  So even if you live locally, it's probably better to find your dress elsewhere and then order it from Pearl's.
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