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Any one know of any reasonably priced photgraphers in Southern NH? Even an amateur with a good protfolio? Any recommendations at all would be great!

Thank you

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    [QUOTE]Any one know of any reasonably priced photgraphers in Southern NH? Even an amateur with a good protfolio? Any recommendations at all would be great! Thank you
    Posted by meghan5689[/QUOTE]

    <div>highly highly recommend john loconte <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> we used him years ago and was amazing! super nice guy too</div>
  • No matter who you choose, be sure to ask to see an entire wedding or two, from start to finish, not just the chosen few photos they've selected for their web page or Facebook page.  If they can't show you at least two, move on!!!!!
  • Falco Photography. He's out of Manchester and is very reasonable! He has all of his pictures online in albums anyone can look at.  You get access to all of your pictures to have them printed anywhere you want or he offers packages that include prints too.  He showed me prints he was delivering to a couple and a book that he made for someone a few months ago that looked great.
  • We just were married this past weekend (friday in the pouring the pouring rain), and we used Barefotos Photography.  Absolutely loved them.  Liz was responsive through the entire process, she is getting married this upcoming week, and still had my sneak peaks to me, the day after the wedding.  She even hand delivered my personal thank you cards to me, and it hasn't even been a full week yet.  They were extremely reasonable in price, especially considering you get two photographers.  she even stayed a 1/2 hr later at no charge, and came a 1/2 earlier then originally planned at no charge.  I can't recommend them enough!
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  • I used Boro Creative Visions. They have a lot of different price options but all of their work is beautiful. I just got my sneak peek today! Everyone who has seen them has been amazed at the great quality of the photos and I am so excited to see the rest!!!
  • I'm a lurker but I got married a few weeks ago and I second Barefotos so SO much! Liz & Dan are amazing and you will absolutely love working with them.
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  • I HIGHLY recommend contacting Little Fang Photography- they are amazing!  They have a bunch of photos on their Facebook Fan page, and on their website.
  • I am getting married in July 2013. My Fiance and I just had engagement photos done on Oct. 24.  We are using WIlliam Moore out of Bedford. The day went great! We shot for about 2 hours and he had a ton of different ideas! He posted a sneak peek of our photos (about 18) this past week and said we should have the rest by this weekend.  He is fabulous so far and has a good range of package pricing.  Check him out!
  • My fiance and I are getting married in August and we are using William T Moore! He is a great guy! Our friends used him last August and he had over 1800 pictures for them! He was great got all of the "tradional" and tons and tons of candids, you didn't even know he was there! And the pictures ranged from slow dancing to everybody singing along with the DJ! Highly reccommend him!!
  • I used Genevieve Bergeron Photography. LOVE HER and she was amazing to work with!
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