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Ravon Convertable Dresses on Ideeli TODAY! YAY!

Hey everyone, just wanted to post that Ideeli have those awesome Ravon convertable dresses on sale again today, I just got my girls some. The reason I post this is because I saw a post for this back in Jan. and was stoked to see them up again on the site. They're convertable dresses that fit sizes 2-10 and each of your bridesmaids can wear a different style while having the same color dress! This was a huge issue for me, cause I needed them to all look different! Anyway, if you're not on Ideeli, you need to be "invited". Here's my invitation code:

Oh, and these $198 dreses are on sale for $39-69 (I paid $69 for the long style).

Oh, and yes, I get credit for anyone that uses my invite code Smile

Sales ends today. Hope this helps anyone out there struggling with bridemaid dresses like I did!
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Re: Ravon Convertable Dresses on Ideeli TODAY! YAY!

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    Have you tried on these dresses?  Before I was engaged I had my heart set on Two Birds Dresses (similar/same style).  When I got engaged and looked for BM dresses my sis, SIL and I all tried it on and it looked terrible on all of us and we're all different body types.  The jersey-type material is really unforgiving and IMO very unflattering.

    I know you're excited for this, but just wondered if you've seen them in person before your BMs waste money on shipping.

    Also, Target has short and long versions.  The short is only $30.  (although I ordered it and tried it on hoping to love it and again was really disappointed)

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