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What to do?

I, along with my Maid of Honor and one of my bridesmaids picked out this amazing bridesmaids dress that they loved. When I showed the picture to my other bridesmaids, they loved it as well. Now my Maid and Matron of Honor came to me and said they don't want to buy a dress more than $150. I understand this due to economic times, but why tell me that you like it and I start to plan my wedding around this dress and now you say you can't afford it. What am I to do? I want my wedding to be elegant and not cheap looking and I can not find anything even close to this dress. HELP PLEASE!!!!

Re: What to do?

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    Start looking for another dress.  Ideally, you should have asked all of your attendants individually about their budgets BEFORE you started looking at any dresses.  

    Your other option is to pay the difference between the $150 and whatever the dress you like costs.  
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    You might also consider looking at non "bridesmaids" places and sights for dresses. Sometimes you can find something similar and less expensive. 

    Maybe show us a picture of what you're looking for?
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    Maybe look at Amazon?  I know that sounds silly, but my bridesmaids were able to find the exact same dresses there as in the store and at a about half the price.  

    Or you could pay the difference.
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    What you should have done was find out their budget BEFORE falling in love with a certain BM dress.  You need to start looking for something else.  I don't see how them wearing a different dress but in the same color would ruin everything that you have planned around the first dress.

    Also, you could do what PP have said and pay the difference if you really must have them in the first dress.

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    $150.00 is a lot of money to spend on a dress, that is a reasonable budget to work with. Your being a brat by expecting them to pay more, you should be thankful they are willing to spend that much on a dress.
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    I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but here in the Northeast, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a traditional bridesmaid's dress for less that $200 or so.  Perhaps department stores like Lord and Taylor or Nordstrom's might be a good place to start - but even they are pricey.  If you really have your heart set on the original dress, and your budget can sustain it, I would offer to pay the difference.
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