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Red shoes?

I really wanted to wear some sexy red heels under my wedding dress, but when I mentioned this idea to my mom & sister, they both freaked and hated it.  What does everyone think?
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Re: Red shoes?

  • I'm all for colorful shoes! I'm still in search of some myself. They are all the rave now and make for great pictures
  • I think its a great idea! But of course my heels are zebra print! haha
  • I like it! I really like fun shoes with wedding dresses.

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  • my sister wore red heels and it was awesome. totally her personality. she wore a long dress so you didn't really see them that often so it wasn't that out there.
  • I absolutely LOVE brightly colored shoes under wedding gowns! Ditto pp's you're the one wearing them and it's your wedding so wear what you want! I'd totally rock the hotness that is the red shoes if I were you ;0)
  • I love red shoes under dresses...but I may be biased since I'm wearing dark red/cranberry colored shoes
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