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too late?

would October 23rd be too late for taking our engagement pictures with all the fall foliage. I really would like to have a nice mix on the ground and still on the trees! TIA! =)

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    I would check one of the weather websites.... there's got to be a list somewhere that has when peak foliage times. It all depends on where you're doing them as well. Northern NH will have an earlier peak time than Southern NH or Boston
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    [QUOTE]there's got to be a list somewhere that has when peak foliage times. Posted by KimG82[/QUOTE]

    Thanks! you were right!!

    <a href=""></a>

    New Hampshire:

    <a href=""></a>
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    Try this website.

    They say it's almost impossible to accurately predict how the foliage is going to go each year. I found this website helpful though. We are shooting for mid oct (10/10) and figure that's that safest. But some years we've gotten a wind storm and all the leaves were gone by the second week.
    It's New England...what do you expect right? :)
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    We are doing ours that day, hoping for good leaf coverage still, we want some color in our pics! 

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    I took mine around that time last year... they came out great! Peak time is Columbus day weekend and maybe the week after --- it will depend on if it rains heavy. The location we picked last year was amazing just 3-4 days before we went, then it poured with wind for 2 days and the pics still came out good but there were some bare spots where the leaves fell...
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