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When to buy the groom's wedding band?

How far out should we buy his band (we already have mine)?  The big day is approaching in three months and I'm thinking we should get on that?


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Re: When to buy the groom's wedding band?

  • I think the grooms band can be bought at any time assuming that you are not getting it custom made. We bought my DH band approx. 9 months in advance because we saw it for a good price and he loved it.
  • We ordered DH's about 3 months in advance, and it was actually late getting here. So if you have to custome order or have one customized in any way, I say sooner rather than later.
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  • I second the sooner than later. Some ring designers take eight-twelve weeks. FI's took nine to get from Tacori.
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  • We got both of our wedding bands a year out
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    We started looking for DH's about 3 months out.  I'd start looking and trying on things now, then you can get an idea of when you need to order buy.
  • We bought both of our bands at about 8 months out, but that's only because we got them on a killer sale and gold prices were rising, so we managed to get them before their price increase.
  • We ordered both of ours about 8 months out, but really didn't need to - we got them about 2 weeks after ordering.  Both of ours are very simple though, so that could be why it didn't take long to get them.
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    Depending on the style of the ring he chooses, you may need to special order it.  Some vendors like Scott Kay take 8 weeks for special orders, others as little as 2 weeks.  Leave yourself enough time in case of ordering errors for vendor vacations.  Vendors will usually not process orders for a week or two out of the year.
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    I had his custom made by a vendor on etsy that put my fingerprint inside of it! (The vendor is fabluster) He loves it and we're both really happy with it... It tok them 6 weeks to turn it around though (if you tell them your date is sooner they'll bust their hides to get it to you in time!) but his arrived 2 months before... That allowed time for the resizing we ended up having to have done!

  • Money was tight for us, so we bought both of our bands (we had them picked out already) about 2 months before the wedding.
  • It depends on the style you want - a simple gold band can be bought any time. If it has varying texture you will need to order it in his size and it can take 8 weeks. If you want a Triton ring or other alternative metal (titanium, tungsten carbide, etc then depending on his finger size it can take 6 weeks although typical is 2). I would start looking now. Which reminds me, I need to order FIs ring. Lol. I work in a jewelry store and I am dragging my feet. oops!
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