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My dress just came in and I am super excited to pick it up. I am a little nervous about alterations and do not know what to expect price range-wise.  The woman said something about a bustle and I am sure the length will need tweaking.  It is a corset back so she said there should be minimal alterations there.  I won't have dress fittings until December, but what can I expect?  What are some common prices for alterations you have had?


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    This would be a better question for your local board, since prices range so dramatically from place to place and from seamstress to seamstress. The same alterations that a lot of ladies pay $100 for, I paid $300 for simply because I live in Boston.
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    that totally makes sense.  And thank you!
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    I had the length shortened about an inch, the sides taken in a tiny bit, and a bustle put in...all of that equaled $190.  I almost passed out when I found out it was that much.  I live in GA, so I'm not sure if that price is equivalent where you live.
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