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What are you wearing...?

I'm just curious as to what brides actually wear under their wedding dresses..? Are you wearing a body shaper?  A corset? Just a bra? I'm just not sure what I should be wearing.
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Re: What are you wearing...?

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    It depends on your dress and body type.  Ask your seamstress and she will recommend something for you. 
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    I'm wearing whatever they gave me to try on with my
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    Just undiesLaughing I had bra cups sewn into the bodice of my gown and they worked out fantastic!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: What are you wearing...?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm wearing whatever they gave me to try on with my
    Posted by wcvsb3b5[/QUOTE]
    Ditto! I figure if it looked right when they put it together for me, that is one less thing I need to figure out.  I got one of those long bra things that covers your tummy too and then my crinoline...aside from that I'm wearing undies and stockings!
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:bbce19cf-baaf-493e-bca8-cfc3ad1b9101Post:697c2491-ea49-4366-9646-595b311fdf92">Re: What are you wearing...?</a>:
    [QUOTE]As of right now I am planning on wearing this. I haven't bought it yet but plan on it & taking it with me dress shopping. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    Posted by kls114[/QUOTE]

    Be careful with this one. I was actually looking at this one too but majority of the reviews (there were only 3 LOL) said it didnt fit properly. I just loved it when I found it but since they don't carry it in stores I am a bit wary to order it.

    Just curious but I am a DD and I am curious about the bra cups being sewn in. Are any of you brides that did this heavier on top like myself? Hopefully not too personal of a question :)
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    If you require any type of support/ will need to wear a bra or bustier. Bra cups sew in are typically only an option for brides whos cup size is smaller than a C.

    The dress you decide on and your bust size will be what dictates your undergarment choice. Example, if you were to choose a drop waist satin dress, with no ruching on the bodice- a shorter bustier that hits at your high hip will show a seam. So talk to your seamstress and/or consultant and follow her recommendation. They will have the best advice specific to your body, your dress, and your needs. ;)
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    undies and a strapless bra
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    undies, strapless bra, and spanx (since my dress has an empire waist, it doesn't hold me in)
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