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MOB Dresses?

Where are all of your moms finding dresses?  Everything I have come across is too young or too old for my mom and FI's mom.  I didn't think it would be this hard!
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Re: MOB Dresses?

  • Our Mothers had a really hard time... they looked at Macys, Nordstorms, JC Penney, Sears. But Ultimately FMIL found hers a dress barn and my mom got hers at the same bridal salon I got my wedding dress at, 125 Bridal in Plaistow, NH.
  • My mom actually found hers at JC Penney.  We went to the mall, not looking for dresses, and cut through and she just happen to find the perfect one!
  • My mom had SUCH a hard time finding a dress she loved. She really wanted a color that wasn't black, silver, gold, etc. We had a good experience with Modern Bride, but they were a bit pricey. She ended up finding hers by chance when we were shopping for something entirely different at the Dress Barn. It was so much less expensive, not being a bridal store, a color she loved, and on sale! Definitely check places that aren't bridal salons like Macy's, JCPenney, Dress Barn, etc. On the other hand, my MIL found hers at David's Bridal and it was super nice too! Good luck!
  • My Mother got her dress at Macy's.  Also, try Lord & Taylor at the Rockingham Mall, there's a ton of dresses there.
  • Thanks everyone!  Plenty of new places to check out!
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  • I was wondering this same mom wants me to go with her and she is on a major budget (being laid off and all..). I think we'll hit the rockingham mall first for Pennys and Macys :)
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  • FMIL got hers at Dress Barn, my mother went to Macy's and found 2 dresses that she's still choosing between.
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  • I consider my mother to be a very stylish lady, but she had a hard time finding anything she liked too.  I agree, most MOB dresses are either too young or too old looking.  She took the trek down to Party Dress Express in Fall River, MA, and found quite a few dresses she really loved.

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  • My mom got hers at Modern Bride and Formal.. They had quite a few good selections and everything can be ordered in lots of other colors. They're also very well made. 
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  • Lord and Taylor at the Burlington Mall in Burlington MA (20ish mins down Route 3 from Nashua) had a lot of nice dresses...there's also a Nordstrom and Macys at that mall which would probably have some options too!
  • Dress Barn and Nordstrom's, (Burlington, MA), were both finds for MOB dresses.
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