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Dress frustration

Hello all!

I recently made a post asking about an online order, and after reading all the horror stories, I'm definitely not buying the dress I was planning to. HOWEVER, this now leaves me wondering what to do.

I generally look pallid in white, and not much better in ivory. I have very pale skin, and red hair. Unfortunately, wedding dresses tend to come in white or ivory, and that's it...I do not want anything terribly fancy, no beading, and not a ball gown. I can't wear strapless. I am fine with either just below the knees, or full length.

Can anyone direct me to reputable sites that I can search for dresses under $1000? (preferably MUCH less than that.) I don't exactly have a huge amount of money.

If anyone can find the "real" version of this dress, or something similar, I would be most grateful.

I also love this dress, so anything similar to this...

I have been unable to find anything by going to bridal shops in person, and I feel like I'm stuck looking online. Or possibly going to a seamstress.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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