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Undergarment help!

I have a ball gown dress and got the ball gown slip from davids bridal to go with it but I didn't purchase the Long line bra they had me in while i was trying on dresses because i wanted to see what victorias secret had. 

The consultant told me the slip would be UNDER the top but i found a really comfy and sliming cupped shaping slip from victorias secret that is all the way to the thigh. 
My question is could i wear the slip OVER this? Seeing as it is a ball gown slip I don't see it going under the victorias secret slip because of it hugging the thighs. 
Should I just stick with the davids bridal top that isn't bad but not queit as comfortable or flattering than the victorias seccret top?

here are some links if you are a more visual person

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