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my mothers dress

my mother wants me to use her wedding dress. it was origionally designed by my grandmother based off a 1940s design..(she used lace bought from Pairs!) i love lace and wanted to wear a similar dress. i currently live in the cleveland area. does anyone know where i can take the dress and re-design it to a more modern style?
iwould love to wear her dress i just have no idea how to create a new style or where to go.
any suggestions would be helpful.

Re: my mothers dress

  • How wonderful!  I wanted something similar but I don't like the material of my mom's dress, so we're going to use some of the lace as an accessory - either a bolero or a wrap for my bouquet or a little clutch (but I don't think I'll need a clutch that day)...  I've also heard of people using them to make baptism gowns for their kids.

    Sorry though, I don't have any succestions of peple in northeast Ohio that would do this.  Try posting on your local board (on the left side of your screen under "Local Wedding Boards", there might be someone there who has a suggestion for you.
  • I've got no idea, but how wonderful that your mom's dress is wearable, ususally the mother's dress is too far out of style to even do anything with.
  • There is a wonderful seamstress by parents house in Chagrin Falls.  I will call my mom later and ask her what the name of it is!  I go to her for all my my alterations.   
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  • Try posting this on your local.  They may be able to give you more suggestions.

    That sounds so great though!  Good luck!
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  • I think it's wonderful you want to wear your mother's dress!  I wanted to do the same thing with my mothers, but sadly it was destroyed when my parents basement flooded a couple of years ago.

    try putting a shout out on your local board.  They probably have some good recs.
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