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Going to Kleinfelds this weekend!

I am going to Kleinfelds this weekend but I have no idea what I want! I have never even tired on a dress before! It's such a great opportunity to be able to go and I don't want to waste any time when I am there. I have looked at dozen's of pictures that I like but I'm afraid the dresses will look completely different when they are on me. Any advice for a first timer?

Re: Going to Kleinfelds this weekend!

  • Say Hello to Keisha and Randy for me! They are my faves! Make sure your consultant knows and stays in your price point if you get put in "the perfect" dress then realize you cant afford it, heartbreak will insue. Just have fun.  try to find a dress that makes you look good not a dress that is overpowering. And if you bring a crowd, dont let them sway you. Stick to your guns girl.
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  • Keep an open mind, and don't get wrapped up in the pictures you've seen, because you're right, everything will look very different in person. Take along a strapless bra and wear modest undies since the consultants will be helping you change into the dresses.
  • Ah, have fun.  Bring the pictures, be honest with your consultant, and be open minded with anything they might bring in as a recommendation -- like you said, it often looks different on the hanger than it does on you.  Don't expect for it to feel like it does when you watch the show, and as it is your first trip, don't pressure yourself into picking the perfect dress just because you are there.

    Also, be prepared that you will not be allowed to take photos of yourself in any of the dresses, unless you purchase a gown -- then you are allowed.
  • Be firm about your budget, especially with some of the consultants.  Ever notice how Keisha seems to disregard a bride's budget constraints and shows her gowns well above her price point.  Do not allow yourself to be suckered into thinking that you cannot have a beautiful wedidng unless you spend over $5,000 on a dress.
    If you have a large budget, it will be a wonderful experience.  If not, then you might leave feeling empty and dissatisfied.
  • I am going to Kleinfelds this weekend too!!! I am so excited! I have heard some great stories about the experience, but I have also heard it really depends on who your consultant its!!!
  • Have fun!  I agree, keep an open mind and stick to your price point.  I loved pictures of mermaid dresses, but they made me feel hippy (even though I'm slim).  Also, it may help to have a sense of what your wedding will be like:  casual, very formal, outside, etc.

    Oh, and since you've never tried on dresses, don't be shocked that wedding dress sizes are not your normal street size.  Have fun!
  • Make your price point very clear. I told my consultant there that my budget was 4K and she showed me dresses that were in the low 5K range too and said they were "in the same budget range" Uhh no, an extra thousand bucks isnt chump change to me. Their alterations and dress prices are less negotiable than the TV show makes it seem. Ended up getting the same dress I saw at Kleinfelds at a nice gown shop in Scarsdale, NY for 20% less and alterations were $300 less so it was a big difference.
  • Thanks so much for the advice everyone! I can't wait to go! So here is another question - what do you wear for shoes? It is weird to bring some heels to put on? Are you supposed to go barefoot?
  • Definitely bring heels--it isn't weird at all!  They probably have heels there, but I'm a bigfoot, so I brought my own (which a lot of people do).
  • I hope you have a better experience there than I did 3+ years ago.  I found the sales person, whose name I forget but not someone featured on the show, to be extremely pushy and kept showing me gowns that were clearly over budget. 
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  • I went to Kleinfeld's as well.  The consultant stayed within my budget, but I do suggest that you think about low-balling them a bit so that you can stretch if you want.  For instance, if your budget is $2000, tell them around $1500 rather than $2000.  Also, when you're setting your budget, keep in mind that you may have to pay for alterations.

    My experience wasn't as personalized as on the show or as personalized as other boutiques I visited.  The consultant was nice and the customer service was good, it just wasn't as good as other boutiques.  It could be because I don't think my consultant really "got" my style.  I had pictures of dresses I liked but was willing to try on pretty much anything she suggested as long as it was not strapless or could have straps added.  I didn't find anything there that was a contender, but I was able to rule out a few things that I know I did not like.

    Overall, I had a good time and did not feel pressured to purchase a dress so that was nice.  Sometimes they seem to put pressure on the brides on the show.

  • Me too!  On Sunday.

    Keisha, Sarah, and Audrey don't work Sundays--- Can you guys recommend anyone?

    Diane is avaialble, has anyone had a good or bad experience with her?

    Thanks!  So excited/scared!
  • I am going on Sunday too!!! I am pretty nervous!!!  Can you pick your consultant? Also, do you know if they send you a confirmation?? I have a 1pm appt. :)
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