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New Hampshire

Next Stop..Granite Rose!

Hi ladies, thanks so much for your thoughts on Atkinson CC- your imput definitely helps with the decision-making process!
Tomorrow after work my FI & I (and my parents) are touring Grante Rose. I was wondering your thoughts on that place as well-- has anyone been to a wedding there?? Also, we are thinking of definitely going with a Friday wedding-- do you know if they have less expensive prices on Fridays?? It doesnt seem so on their website but thought I'd ask just in case.
Again, thank you in advance!!

Re: Next Stop..Granite Rose!

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    I haven't been to a wedding at the G.R., but I went to a bridal show there in March. The room that was held in was stunning! It was sunny with lots of windows- I loved it!  Hampstead is just farther south that we wanted to go. Good luck!

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    I'm getting married at the Granite Rose in August 2011! They have been great to work with.  We booked them back in January because at the time they were already booking into July of 2011. It's a gorgeous place and can't say enough about the service we have received so far!
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    We looked there...its gorgeous and my parents loved it, however, for the amount of space we needed you had to use both rooms and my parents did not like the price tag associated with it.

    I have never been to a wedding there but know people who have had their weddings there and they had nothing but good things to say. I know its a little more expensive than some of the surrounding reception sites though.

    Don't know if they offer a Fri discount. Good luck!
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    I think I'm one of the only people that wasn't impressed with Granite Rose. The building is gorgeous and everything but I thought the service of the staff and the food was a little lacking. I went for a company banquet and a wedding and both times, the back table that we were sitting at, barely got paid attention to with apps and food (our meal was served cold and apps usually ran out by the time they finally got to us) and I don't like how they host two events at a time, with a shared bathroom.. but that's just my opinion! Have fun!
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    Thanks for your advice, ladies. Today's the day I'm going to look.. I heard they were a  bit pricey...but the place does seem to be really pretty... only thing is, dont know if there's a hotel around anywhere..... I wish Merrimack Valley/Southern NH had some nicer hotels other than the Wyndham in Andover because that place is really pricey to hold a wedding at IMO....
    but again, thanks for your help! I'll let you know how it goes..
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    Actually there are hotels within 15 minutes of the place in Salem. The Holiday Inn and La Quinta.  But Holiday Inn has a Margarita's bar open till 1am. Holiday Inn was $109 a night for weddings and La Quinta was like $77. You can rent a schoolbus for like $400 to bring your guests back and forth all night too.  

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