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I recently saw this dress on pinterest and fell in love with it! I finally found the website it came from, but it looks like the only place I can get it is on a site called Their return policy says any dresses purchased can only be returned if something is wrong with them. Obviously, this is a problem as I would like to try the dress on before purchasing it! It's listed as costing only $350, which makes me suspicious of the quality. If anyone has ever purchased a dress from this company I would really appreciate a review on your experience with them. Also, if anyone knows whether they distribute their gowns to any bridal boutiques I would like to know that as well. Any information anyone has on this dress would be greatly appreciated. 

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    This is a Maggie Sottero.

    Stay away from online websites, most are Chinese knock off sites, Maggie does NOT sell like this and definatly not for $350. Read the sticky at the top of this page.
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    It is a knock off site. That is a Maggie Sottero gown (I believe it is the Catarina on the Maggie Sottero website) and a dress of this quality would NEVER be $350. In fact, any company that discounts an original Maggie dress will have the line pulled because they aren't allowed to discount dresses (unless they are shop worn or discontinued, which is not the case in this circumstance).

    If you were to order a dress from this place you would likely be very disappointed as it will be make likely from shoddy materials and not have all the detail that Maggie Sottero gowns are known to have. Stay far, far away!
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    Thanks guys! This helps a lot. I figured this website seemed kind of shady and I'm glad I thought to ask about it on The Knot. I thought it looked a lot like a Sottero.
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    She makes some wonderful gowns and they are definitely worth the price in terms of the construction, detail and fit. But if you can't afford a "brand new" on you should definitely check out "used" dress sites like oncewed and recycledbride. Sometimes people buy them and never even use them and list them for much less than the price they bought them for. 
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