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Help for a friend!

Hi ladies,

My BFF is planning to buy her dress online from a website called Wedding Nova.  I never heard of it during my time here on TK (I got married almost 2 years ago, though).  It appears to be reputable, although there is NO return policy unless "obvious quality issues" are present.  I am terrified for her and trying to talk her out of it (although I know people buy dresses online, I would think they had tried SOME on just to see how each style looks on and she hasn't tried anything on yet).

Have any of you heard of/bought from this site?  

Re: Help for a friend!

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    I have never heard of it, but that doesn't mean anything. Most knock-off sites (if it is one) are not recommended around here. The quality is poor and the dress often arrives looking nothing like the pictures when you ordered it.

    Has she tried any of the gently used sites that are reputable and legit? I also know and are legitimate sites that sell new dresses.
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