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What is a good undergarment for big breasted women

I've been trying to find undergarments, like a bridal bra for myself, but I'm untraditionally shaped that I can't find things that actually fit me. I wear a size 38E, but don't know where to go for something that will work with waist size. Any ideas?
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Re: What is a good undergarment for big breasted women

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    i am a 36E and i actually bought one where i bought my dress.. but also! I did order one from here... and got it in and it was really comfortable, but weirdly enought it make my dress not fit (incert panic here), i tried the dress on with a different bra and it fit perfect. who knew a bra would make sure a difference.

    Anyway heres the site. 

    there customer service is wonderful. I bought a bathingsuit from there and the wire poked through a little bit after i wore it and they over nighted one to me for free! I litterly called at like 4 in the afternoon and it was at my house with in 24 hours.

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    I second the Lindas recommendation if you are going to order online (or are going to be NYC anytime soon). I bought 2 different longline bras and they both ended up not working with the dress, returned them no problem and ended up getting a strapless bra and Spanx that should work. Don't get hung up on the white longline bra. 

    Macys and Nordstrom carry some of the same brands, but your local one might not carry the size you need. I'd also try bigger bridal shops (I'm a 38G and some didn't carry my size) or find a local speciality lingerie shop. 
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    Go to Nordstrom with your dress.  Any fitter there should be able to help.  Good luck!
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:c8c343cc-8516-4ddf-a998-99cb480e3e28Post:79dd651d-a519-4436-b140-1385b0610976">Re: What is a good undergarment for big breasted women</a>:
    [QUOTE]Go to Nordstrom with your dress.  Any fitter there should be able to help.  Good luck!
    Posted by Lisa50[/QUOTE]

    I am a 38H.  Nordstrom is usually great, but their bra selection (at least the two nordstroms near me) for anyone bigger than a DDD really is lacking.

    Another vote for Linda the Bra lady.  That is the only place I found that had my size.  It does suck to have to order online, and I did have to return once and exchange for a different size, but it was pretty quick and painless.

    I will say, the longline bra I bought won't work with my dress, which was dissapointing.   You won't really know for sure until you go to your fitting.
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    I'm a 34G and Nordstrom has a nice selection of bras my might want to check out their online/in-store stock before you go over there.

    Yet another vote for Linda's, I've never been to the storefront, but haven't had any problems with their online site.
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    I would definitely recommend Nordstrom online, as well as looking into corsets.  We all know that traditional strapless bras are a joke, and the corset will give you the extra ooph against gravity while at the same time giving you the added benefit of tummy smoothing.
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