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HELP! Need help with mens attire

I am having a problem on deciding what the men should wear...and need help!  The wedding will be at park in May; which will be very hot.  I will have regular wedding dress...nothing too fancy but you can tell it's a wedding dress.  I don't really want the guys to wear a tux because they will burn up in the heat and all.  My fiance already has a brown suit; pants, tie, shirt, and jacket...would it look horrible if he only wore the pants, shirt, & tie...I just don't want him passing out because he got to hot.  LOL  Or any other suggestions on what they could wear that would look good...I just want something simple and cute...nothing over the top.
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Re: HELP! Need help with mens attire

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    I'm sure your precious FI will not pass out from the heat. You are wearing a wedding gown and he should be equally dressed up. Tell him to suck it up.
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    Why can't your FI just dress himself, and why can't he decide what the guys will wear as well?
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    I would reccomend something like linen pants and shirts. My sister did this for her beach DW and it looked really nice even with her lace wedding gown.
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    i think shirt tie, no jacket is fine, it sounds like it would be a nice more casual look

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    My guys aren't wearing jackets. Mine is going to be an outdoor wedding June, so I felt that was too hot for a full suit. My FI wants do some suspenders to jazz it up a bit so he doesn't feel like he is totally going casual.  So the guys will likely wear dress pants, button up and ties with suspenders.

    I think the men will appreciate the fact that they don't have to wear multiple layers.
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