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does the MOH's dress have to be different then the BMs?

Just looking for some opinions here and if people still do this. My mom mentioned to me that she assumed that MOH's dress would be a different color then the rest of the BMs - like a darker or lighter shade then the other girls are wearing. I know when my parents got married she had her MOH in a dark turquoise and the other girls in a paler shade. But I've been to like 4 weddings in the past year and haven't seen anyone signaling out the maid of honor like that. I know that I can do whatever I want as far as this goes and I don't think I love the idea of her dress being a completely different color - but just curious what other people are doing? are different colored dresses for the MOH out of style, and that's why I haven't seen it? are there other ways you're making your MOH stand out?

Re: does the MOH's dress have to be different then the BMs?

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    This is a matter of taste--there is no rule here.  Do what you like.

    In terms of how to make your MOH stand out, which also is not necessary, you could do an additional accessory or variation on the bouquet.

    All of your guests will know who she is, though, because she'll be standing immediately next to you during the ceremony and, if you're having toasts during your reception, she'll be making one.

    Good luck!
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    I haven't really seen that done since the early 90s.  At weddings I attend anyway.  I have seen in it on tk.

    My girls all had different dresses in the same color and fabric.  I wanted them each to be comfortable as they have different body shapes, plus my MOH/ sister was 20 and my 3 friends were 32.  I also really like the look of different dresses in the same color/ fabric.

    My MOH didn't really stand out other than standing next to me, people knew she was my sister.  Also she gave a speech.  I don't think you need to have a physical difference.  

    Styles and trends change.  I think people focus on what was in when they got married and think of that as the "norm. so when their daughters get married many years they still want to see these items even though they don't happen anymore.  

    Do what you want, choose dresses you and your BM like.  Don't do something that your mom thinks you should do because that's what happened in the 80s.  

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    It's not a rule, and I've actually been seeing different colored MOH dresses around wedding blogs lately - maybe a resurfacing trend?

    Keep in mind the number of bridesmaids you have total - I only have three, so I think it would just look odd having my MOH wear a different dress/color than the other two, but for a larger bridal party this might look good.

    Up to you though :)
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    I only have 5 girls so I am having them all wear the same dress. The only difference is that her bouquet will be a bit larger than the BM and she will be standing closest to me.
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    FWIW my MOH isn't wearing anything that would differentiate her, and I haven't really noticed the MOHs wearing something any different in the weddings I've been to.  People are still going to know she is your MOH without her wearing a different dress.
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    This is definitely not a "must," although if you want to do it, I've recently been to several weddings where the MOH wears the "inverse" of the BMs - so, for example, if the BMs are wearing a dark purple dress with a pink sash, the MOH would be in the same dress, but in pink with a dark purple sash.  
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    My MOH is wearing the same dress but I am putting a phinestone band on her bouquet
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    I have 5 girls all together and then a Jr Bridesmaid as well. The wedding colors are Black, white, and silver. Since I will be in all white and my FH will be in ALL black. I decided to have the Maid of Honor and Best man in Black and silver. I told my MOH she could wear all black/all silver/black and silver. Whatever she prefers along as their is no white. But length of dres and color of shoes will be the same as the rest of the bridesmaids. :) HOH!
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    As PP have said, there's no rule and it's a matter of preference.

    In my wedding, all girls wore the same color, but MOH had a different style of dress than the other ladies and different hair style. My MOH/sister is a very important person in my life, so I wanted her to feel special and I think that helped.

    No matter what, guests will know who your MOH is because she stands next to you, her name is in the program, she will be announced at the reception and she will probably give a speech.

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    I'm making my MOH's bouquet a little different. I let my BP pick the dress they wanted.
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    These answers have been very helpful! I would say the dress doens't have to be different but my MOH disagrees and we're currently in a stalemate. She is driving me crazy because she is insisting on wearing a full length dress when the rest of the BMs are wearing cocktail length dresses (and here I thought it was my wedding...). I know she wants to stand out and she's my best friend, so I want her to stand out too, but I just think that a full length dress for a fairly informal beach wedding in July is a little much and won't look right with the rest of the dresses. I threw out a number of other ideas for making her stand out: wear an orchid or tiara in her hair, hold a boquet (the rest are holding parisols), more pronounced jewelry...she won't bite. Is she being unreasonable or am i?
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