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Having a dress custom made on etsy or elsewhere - advice??

Has anyone had a dress custom made? Experiences? How did you find a seamstress (and do you recommend anyone)?

I'm in France for the summer (where we're getting married) and found a gorgeous dress - unfortunately, there are two problems:
1. It's 3 times more than my budget (in euros!)
2. The designer only made ONE (so I could only buy the single in-store model, and still they're not flexible on the price)
So, I'm considering having it made instead. TIA!

Re: Having a dress custom made on etsy or elsewhere - advice??

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    If you do it online, please be sure to be measured by a seamstress.  I measured myself, and the dress I ordered custom online did not fit.
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    She didn't make my wedding dress, but I've used this ( seamstress several times and she does fabulous work. She made my rehearsal dinner dress and it was absolutely stunning. She's very timely and willing to work with custom pieces/special requests, also.

    Best of luck in your search!
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    I would also suggest getting yourself measured by a seamstress, or possibly by someone at a bridal shop. Your dressmaker may ask for some unusual measurements though, like "under bust" and "waist length", and the girls at a bridal shop are usually  accustomed to just bust, waist, and hip measurements. As long as you get measured by someone other than yourself though, you should be fine.

    I got my dress custom made on Etsy. I first went to the "Alchemy" section, which is where you can request custom items. I described the dress I pictured in my head as best as I could, set the deadline I'd prefer, and set the pricepoint I was comfortable with as well. Dressmakers from Etsy then "bid" on my custom request, and I picked the best one. (Not as easy as it sounds.) Be sure to cover all your bases before you confirm a bid from someone. Check their feedback thouroughly, check out pictures of their previous and current work, and make sure your personalities mesh from the beginning. Someone that pressures you, doesn't seem to listen, or shows unprofessionalism is a no-go. I've declined bids because someone didn't take the time to proofread what they've written to me. Why would I entrust my wedding dress to someone who is careless with something as simple as their words? You'll pick up on clues such as these fast. Just trust your intuition and you'll find the best seamstress for you... I did! :)

    Also, In your bid, ask that the dressmaker be near where you live. This is your wedding dress, and if you can actually see the work in progress or go for a fitting, it will be extremely helpful. If no one turns up close to you, don't fret. I have worked with multiple dressmakers from across the country, and have never had any problems.

    Make sure you do most of the legwork in the designing of your dress. Dressmakers, like most creative people, are visual. If you attach pictures and say, "I want this bodice, I want this skirt, I want this detailing, I want this accessory, etc." you'll get exactly what you want. Also make sure to order the fabric yourself, or if you don't feel up to it, have your dressmaker send you swatches of potential fabrics so that you can feel and see it.

    And if you have the time, go to bridal shops and try on dresses. I made bridal appointments having already confirmed my dressmaker on Etsy, but I wanted to see how the things in my head played out. I still brought in "inspiration" pictures, and asked for certain bodices and skirts. This helped confirm what I wanted on paper... but you might change your mind altogether! So this is a crucial step.

    I'm sorry this was such a novel, but now that I'm not a novice on the world of Etsy, I think it's worthwile teaching someone who is about all the great things to be had!

    Hope this helped! Message me if you need anything else!
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    Also, there are people on Etsy who specifically recreate wedding dresses. A simple search will turn up results. Best of luck!
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    I had mine made by an ebay seller- asapbay, nad have absolutely no complaints.
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    ooh! i am! my dress is in process right now! i'm using this seller.

    ETA: i had my fiancee do the measurements, using a very detailed chart and explanation the seamstress sent me. we measured twice on a few things and came up no more than 1/4 inch off, so figured we'd done it right. and i asked the seamstress about a couple of the ones i wasn't sure about and she explained them further. but, if you're not sure, then i'd definitely take the advice above and have a professional at a bridal salon do it for you.

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    Choose a dress can be customized. Check out this website. The dresses will be tailored acorrding to the size you supply.
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    I custom-made my wedding dress in for free. Initially, I worry that the dress can't suit me the best. But when I got the dress, everything is turned out good. I love it so much.
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