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  • I like the DB dress better. I am not a fan of patterned BM dresses.
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  • These dresses have vastly different feels, so I would go with whatever fits your style better.  The first dress is much more like a cocktail dress and would be more appropriate for a black tie or black tie optional affair, whereas the flowered pattern on the second choice is a little more casual.  I like them both, and think you should go with whatever fits your venue and vision better.


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  • Have you asked your bridesmaids?  All my girls are big-busted and preferred to wear dresses with straps. 

    I agree with PP, the second dress seems a lot more casual, so decide if that fits with the vision of your wedding.  But I like that it's different.
  • I don't like patterened BM dresses but I do personally like the second one better if it was a solid color.  Yoou should really ask your BM's though they are ultimately the ones wearing it.
  • Honestly I don't think either would make a great BM dress.  I definitely really like them both though but they make for hard BM dresses. 

    I agree with the PPs who said I don't like patterend dresses for BMs.  I just went to a wedding with a patterned dress and honestly I heard so many people saying they didn't like the dresses.  Even guys who usually could care less.  It definitely makes for a more casual wedding, but its also a lot to see at the altar during your ceremony.  This wedding had 6 BMs and as they were all standing on the atar it was way too much to look at. 

    The first one is more of a BM dress.  The only issue I see with it is that it seems pretty fitted.  I have soccer thighs and junk in the trunk but a smaller waist and chest, so personally I would hate that dress if I were asked to wear it.  But it definitely depends on your own BMs and their body types and what they feel comfortable in.  You could always pick that color from DB and let them pick a dress they like in it, and have all of them had a black sash to it if thats what you wanted. 
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  • I prefer the first dress, but the second is a more forgiving shape on more people.
  • i like the DB one. Im not a fan of patterns like that on dresses.
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  • Which do your girls prefer?  Ultimately, their opinion is the only one that matters, since they have to wear it.
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    I don't like patterns either...  I'm not sure pictures would be as pretty as with a solid color.  There might just be too much going on.  Still, II love the shape of the Mori Lee one.
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