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Knitting My Dress - Need Shoe Recommendations Please!

Hi All!  I'm knitting my dress for our small ceremony this March (we're having a large reception with out-of-state/country guests next year and I'll wear a "typical" wedding dress then) and have no idea what to do about shoes.  I'm 5'7" and extremely klutzy and my fiance is 5'10" so I don't really want to wear heels.  If you have ANY recommendations (website links welcome!) I'd really appreciate your help!

I've attached a picture of the dress I'm making...

Re: Knitting My Dress - Need Shoe Recommendations Please!

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    I'm a knitter as well, like the dress, where did you find the pattern?  I'd LOVE to have it!

    I think with that dress you'd be fine wearing a ballet flat or flat sandal.
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    Hi Megan,

    I bought the pattern from Vogue Knitting.  It's the Feather and Fan dress pattern.  I'll look for the link when I get home tonight, or you may be able to search on google for it.

    All my best,

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