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Atelier or Designer shop?

I am just starting my dress search and I have a few designers that I really like. I live in a big city so I have the option of buying the dress at the flagship store, a department store, or a bridal shop with multiple brands. Which way do you think I will get the best price/service? What have been your experiences?

Re: Atelier or Designer shop?

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    Perhaps you can save yourself some trouble by trying on some styles somewhere that carries mulitple brands and calling around for prices once you have a favorite style or two?
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    A lot of it will depend on your budget.  Once you have a budget you can go and look at various designers and see their price ranges.  I'm going to assume you're in NY so I would suggest going to the White Gown in Bklyn.  Their consultants are great and their dresses are reasonably priced and very well made.  You will definitely get more personalised service at a bridal salon/atelier vs. a department/discount store (like RK Bridal or DB).  Bridal Reflections rubbed me the wrong way when I called to make an appointment and they suggested I go someplace else because my budget was too low for the city (it wasn't).   I've heard you can get good service at RK Bridal if you go during the week since there are less people and service at Kleinfeld is mixed (depends on the consultant).  Feel free to ask me any other questions.  Good luck!
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    Try not to overdo it or you will be overwhelmed. I would make two appointments a day for a maximum of 4. I overdid and had to cancel an appointment because I didn't want to look at another dress. A sale is also a nice option.....their consultants are really good and I never felt pressured to buy.
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