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How well do titanium rings hold up?

My FI wants a titanium wedding band. Do they hold up well over time? Scratch easily? Any pros/cons to share? Thanks!

Re: How well do titanium rings hold up?

  • Titanium is a very durable metal and will hold up well over the years. There are a few pros and cons to consider...

    Pros -
    1) light weight (perfect for those that typically never wear jewelry)
    2) great option for those that may have an allergy to gold metals
    3) extremely durable

    Cons -
    1) very difficult if not impossible to resize
    2) if it does get scratched most jewelers do not have the equipment to buff the scratch out, thus the ring must be sent to a specialty shop that can
    3) maybe difficult to cut off in case of an emergency (like a broken finger or hand)

  • Thanks Maggie!
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