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Beaded Belt

Hello! I am looking for a beaded belt to wear on wedding day. Something with maybe an ivory ribbon with crystal beaded detail... Anyone know where to look? I'm searching online but can't seem to find anything! Any help is appreciated! :)

Re: Beaded Belt

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    You can try etsy. I've seen a few there.
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    DUH! I knew I was forgeting something! Thanks. Any other ideas- still appreciated!!
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    there are many different sellers on etsy that make beaded belts. i've contacted a lot of them because i've been looking for a belt as well. you can also go on alchemy on etsy and write what you want and how much you want to spend and get bids from sellers to make it for you. also check with your local bridal boutiques. many of the boutiques in my city sell belts separately...most were more than i wanted to spend, but one boutique had some in my price range.
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